Meeting – Sept 29, 2015 – Technical Talk and Dinner

Developing Shape Memory Alloy Self-Healing (SMASH) Technology for Space Exploration

Speaker: M. Clara Wright – NASA

Sustainability takes on a new meaning when it is applied to deep space exploration. It not only means re-usability of commodities and materials because of the lack of logistics, it also means maintaining critical hardware with extremely limited resources. In the event of material failure, multi-functional and intelligent self-repairing materials will become a necessity for deep space exploration spacecraft and planetary habitats.

The Shape Memory Alloy Self-Healing (SMASH) technology developed between NASA Kennedy Space Center and the University of Florida is a metal matrix composite material that has the ability to self-repair fatigue cracks. This talk will focus on the theory behind the technology, the advancements to date which can be publicly shared, and potential applications.

Tuesday September 29, 6:00 PM

Location: SunTree Library followed by dinner at Fiesta Azteca

SunTree Library

Dinner @ Fiesta Azteca, 6765 N. Wickham Rd
SWE Members:  $18
Non-Members:  $22
SWE Student Members:  $12.

Dinner choices:
Combination –  Enchilada/Taco/Chili Rellano
Super Burito
Chicken Fajita Salad
Spinach Enchiladas

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