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Volunteer Registration

Saturday, October 15, 2016
8:30am – 3:30pm
Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy (upper school) 
5625 Holy Trinity Drive,  Melbourne  MAP

All volunteers must register so we have your lunch choice, name tag and can assign you to a job.  

Engineers and Scientists (including college students):  If you would like to assist in a workshop module, and have a preference for which one, please indicate your preference when you register.  Descriptions are in the list below.  We cannot guarantee you will be assigned to a specific job.  Workshop leaders are assigned early however workshop helpers are normally assigned 7-10 days prior to the workshop. 

If you are not going to be available at 8:30 or stay all day, please let us know.  If you are available on Friday afternoon or earlier than 8:30am on Saturday for setup, indicate that also.

There will be a volunteer training meeting on Sunday morning, Sept 25 at a restaurant to be announced later in south Melbourne or Palm Bay.  This meeting is required for workshop leaders and encouraged for first time volunteers.  There will also be a bag/badge stuffing party at Adia's house in Titusville on Sunday, Oct 9  (Details and directions will be provided later.)

High School Students: If you are volunteering for Community Service credit, be sure to bring the appropriate form for our volunteer coordinator to sign.

Friday Setup:  Meet at the cafeteria at 3:45pm

Saturday morning:  Volunteers check in at 8:30am

Questions?  Email wowvolunteers@swe-sc.org    

Volunteer Registration is closed.




1A. Goo Busters

Become a chemical engineer while formulating your goo in the mad scientist lab.

1B. Sink or Swim

Learn about the engineering design process and the physical principles of buoyancy and displacement by working together to build a boat.

1C. Take Flight

Become an Aeronautical Engineer, What type of airplane will you design?  Will it go the farthest or do the best tricks?

1D. Special Agent Assignment “Breaker Breaker”

Race against the clock like a special agent on assignment using electrical engineering to fix the world’s power grid from the Mischievous Circuit Breaking Villain.

1E. Minute to Win It

Test your skills with our 60 second challenges that use objects that are commonly available around the house

1F. Duct Tape Creations

Engineering comes alive with handmade creations that can be transformed from one thing to another all using duct tape while you make wallets and other creations.


Become a Crime Scene Investigator. Learn how to lift and save a finger print with special finger print powder and match it to find the “culprit.” Then create dental or shoe prints for your group and learn how to identify the suspect.

1H. Programming Robots

Learn about robots and try your hand at programming a robot to complete an obstacle course.

1I. Tool Time

Hands-on learning about the use of different tools and what’s inside small electrical appliances.

1J. Design a Dessert

Find out what a design engineer does as you design and construct a dessert.