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SWE Section Officer Nominations

The SWE Space Coast Section slate of officers for election as submitted by the Nominating Committee for the SWE Space Coast Section is listed below.  Additional nominations will be accepted by email no later than May 9, 2017.  Please confirm nominees are current SWE members and willing to serve.  Nominations must also be seconded by another member.  Nominations should be sent to

Ballots will be emailed to members on or about May 11.
2017-2018 SWE-SC Officer Nominee Information

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Employment Opportunity – Solar Array Engineer

oneweb logo

OneWeb Satellites is OneWeb’s industrial partner for the design and manufacturing of its fleet of microsatellites. This initial production of 900 satellites, each weighing less than 150 kilograms, is planned for launch into low Earth orbit beginning in 2018 to deliver affordable Internet access globally. OneWeb Satellites is in a unique position that can have a significant impact in the space industry by:

• Pioneering new value creation in space

• Developing solutions “Of the World for the World”

• Investing in core capabilities to secure a competitive advantage in production spacecraft manufacturing

• Fostering a collaborative team environment rewarding creative solutions to hard problems


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