2018 Award Winners

Distinguished New Woman Engineer:

Ms. Lauren Krueger – SpaceX

Lauren Krueger is an outstanding young engineer demonstrating mastery of skills and maturity
normally only expected a much more senior engineer. After being a driving force in the grueling
activation of the Falcon 9-Falcon Heavy launch capability at Launch Complex 39a at the
Kennedy Space Center from September 2016 to February of 2017, Lauren Krueger accepted
one of the toughest assignments in SpaceX, that of leading the rebuild and activation of SLC-
40. SLC-40 is the launch pad on Cape Canaveral AFS that was destroyed by the explosion of
the Falcon 9 with the AMOS-6 satellite in September 2016. This pad was so badly damaged
that safety and environmental remediation took until February 2017, leaving only 10 months to
rebuild and activate the site for launch.

Lauren leapt into action, as the Pad Manager for SLC-40, she daily led the 300 person work
force in the rebuild and activation of the pad. Lauren worked tirelessly, reviewing and
coordinating design activities at SpaceX Hawthorne with a dynamic schedule of activities in her
300 person workforce at the Cape. Lauren personally approved the majority of engineering
design, scheduled it into the flow, supervised build and installation and then led the team
through a grueling set of activation tests to prove the readiness of the pad to support flight.

In a short 10 month period the pad literally rose from the ashes of the explosion into an
improved and fully functioning launch pad. Lauren was a daily inspiration to the team as they
marched day and night, 7 days a week, into the first successful flight off the rebuilt pad on 15
December 2017. The wisdom of her decision making has been clearly demonstrated not only by
the success of the first flight, but also by the second flight off the pad that followed 23 days later
and the third flight that followed 24 days after the second flight.

She now manages Launch Complex 40 launch operations to ensure a rapid and reliable launch
manifest, achieving two week launch-to- launch turns.

Lauren volunteers at Give Kids the World Village in Kissimmee, FL. Give Kids the World
provides terminally ill children and their families access to free accommodations and support for theme park experiences through the Make a Wish Foundation.

Woman Engineer Technical Achievement:

Ms. Holly Rauscher – Harris Corporation

Holly started her engineering career as a Digital Signal Processing Software Engineer and has
taken on increasingly more technical responsibility as she has shifted into a System Engineering
role. Over the past 11 years, she has been the Chief System Engineer for the Vehicular
Product Line and has served as a System Engineer on many development programs, IR&Ds, and studies.

In these roles, Holly provides technical leadership and technical oversight to multi-discipline
teams and provides mentoring to the engineers on her teams. Holly is considered the Subject
Matter Expert in the higher layer protocols for the Wireless technologies and has been the key
contributor to solving several critical technical issues in LTE. She is trusted by the customer
base, and her engineering successes have contributed to the success of the Wireless Business
Area. Her time is in high demand within the product line, and she is currently leading the
technical development and deployment for a growing commercial business area with a complex
set of real world cellular challenges and considerable schedule and cost challenges.

Holly possesses a keen technical mind and is world class expert in cell phone protocols and
network behavior. She is in high demand and recognized within the product line and by
customers for her hard work and dedication to the team’s success. Her opinion is highly
respected, and she has a full-range of leadership skills that will continue to help Harris succeed
and continue to grow her engineering career.

FY16 Harris Engineering Award, and FY14 Harris Engineering Award, Technical Leadership
Award: Holly Rauscher is a critical technical leader in WPG. As the Chief Systems Engineer for
the Vehicular Product Line, she oversees the development and the upgrades for multiple
products. Holly played a key role in the successful design and implementation of new LTE
functionality on WPG product.  Holly developed the key LTE algorithms that allowed for the
products to conduct a key customer mission.  WPG’s premiere LTE product capabilities are a
direct result of Holly’s overcoming numerous technical challenges.  These products are driving
significant revenue and high operating income over the strategic growth plan period.

Holly has engaged and volunteered in community services:
– Coached the First Lego League at Holy Trinity and a Lego Robotics team
– Participated in Art for Hospital through HEART
– Served as a judge at a science fair
– Actively involved in multiple Snap Circuits Workshops at schools

Holly was one of the 50 Harris employees with the most volunteer hours during the HEART 120
Days of Service campaign in FY17

Outstanding Woman Engineer:

Ms. Naomi Hernandez – Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems

Naomi is a Lead Project Engineer (PE) responsible for developing extremely advanced
aerospace technology on a significant program within the Aerospace Systems division. Since
joining the team, Naomi quickly picked up her role going above and beyond to support her Air
Vehicle team and build the core capability of her project engineering peers as a whole. Three
months into her role, Naomi’s high quality work paired with her passion to contribute earned her the lead position managing technical developments in two different complex sub-systems. As a PE, Naomi is responsible for a broad range of technical solutions as well as business acumen to assess impacts across the program and enterprise. She supports resource tasking, structured engineering training and mentoring new engineers, and serves as a subject matter expert on skill assessment. Additionally, Naomi has expanded the PE role by taking on additional responsibility to facilitate internal technical change review boards as well as oversee the Risk and Opportunity working group. One example of Naomi’s ability to be a standout in our
organization is her success in leading the Advanced Materials team through Technical Review
Boards with Northrop Grumman executive leadership gaining praise from the review committee for her thoroughness as they approved her proposal.

Naomi currently leads a team of eight project engineers on an critical program for Northrop
Grumman Aerospace Systems. In her role, she assigns projects and coaches the team through
daily obstacles. Her leadership often calls upon her to serve as the IPT delegate to represent
them in process improvement initiatives and program discussions. In addition to her
commitments at work she is also involved in the community holding various leadership roles;
however she also serves as a champion to early career engineering professionals encouraging
them to take on new leadership roles for growth opportunities. Although she no longer resides in Dallas or DC, she continues to mentor early career professionals in those areas from everything from career advice to just lending an ear to listen to a personal obstacle. Most of these mentoring relationships started while in undergraduate and many have gone on to pursue Masters of Science degrees in various fields of engineering.

Prior to her current role with Northrop Grumman in Melbourne, Florida she held various roles in project engineering, program management, quality engineering, manufacturing, supplier
management, and production operations in aerospace, manufacturing, and consulting

Naomi is extremely involved in the community with organizations such as the Society of
Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) which she has been a member for fourteen years. She
is a SHPE Lifetime member and currently serves as a Vice President on the SHPE Central
Florida board. She has served in numerous local, regional, and national roles including serving
on the SHPE NBOD, however her favorite events have been when she created Prepcamp in the
Dallas Fort Worth area for SHPE university students to prepare for the career fair at the national
conference. This event would bring together four universities to have their resumes reviewed,
and undergo mock career fair and mock interview scenarios. She has been a guest speaker at
universities in Texas, Virginia, Maryland, and Florida, however her favorite speaking
engagement was having the honor to serve as the keynote speaker for the Latinas in STEM
Dallas conference in 2014 where she spoke to middle school girls about careers in STEM and
challenged their mothers to keep being their support system as they progress through their
academic careers. A few other events include:

o SHPE Central Florida Vice President 2017-current
o SHPE National Board of Directors Region 5 Vice President 2013-2014
o SHPE National Elections Committee Chair 2009-2013
o SHPE National Elections Committee Champion 2013-2014
o SHPE Southern Methodist University Founder, 2005
o SHPE Dallas Fort Worth Board of Directors 2006-2014
o SHPE District of Columbia Vice President 2014-2017
o La Vida Board of Directors, Bell Helicopter 2011-2014
o Adelante Board of Directors, Pepsico, 2008-2011
o Leadership Team Gateway Church Career Development Ministry
o SHPE National Institute for Leadership Advancement Volunteer Chair, 2008-2010
o RLDC5 2010, 2014 Champion
o 2015 RLDC4 Student Workshops Chair
o 2016 SHPE National Institute for Leadership Advancement Workshops Chair
o 2016 SHPE RLDC4 Housing and Registration Chair
o Guest speaker: SHPE University of North Texas, Southern Methodist University, University of
Texas at Arlington, and University of Texas at Dallas, George Mason University, John Hopkins
Univeristy, University of Maryland, NoVa Community College , Florida Institute of Technology
o Guest speaker at Texas Prep (a STEM Camp)
o Engineering Panelist Latinas in Progress education series Hispanic Women’s Network of
Texas for both Dallas and Fort Worth Chapters, 2012-2014
o Engineering panelist Hispanic Youth Symposium, 2010
o Keynote Speaker at Dallas Latinas in STEM Conference, 2014

o 2017 Luminary Honoree – Hispanic Engineer Achievement Awards Conference (HENAAC)
– Luminary honorees represent professionals in science, technology, engineering and
mathematics who initiate, collaborate and lead key programs and research within their companies. These individuals have made significant contributions to the Hispanic
technical community as leaders and role models.
– Luminary honorees go through the competitive HENAAC selection process and are
recognized during the HENAAC Conference. These amazing individuals serve as role
models for Great Minds in STEM’s education programs. Throughout the year,
Luminaries are profiled on the GMiS website and on printed materials for STEM-Up™
and Viva Technology™ programs.

o 2015 Junipero Serra SHPE STAR Award (second highest award given by SHPE)
– This esteemed award is presented by SHPE to an individual who has provided unique
and outstanding contributions in the fields of engineering and science, including
management, administration and education. Junipero Serra Award recipients
demonstrate a similar pioneering spirit, tireless enthusiasm, and consistent commitment
over time through innovative accomplishments that lead to the advancement of
engineering and science. Nominees are evaluated by their ability to demonstrate
consistent dedication and commitment to SHPE’s growth and advancement of
engineering and science.
o 2010 Young Hispanic Corporate Achiever Award given by the Hispanic Association on
Corporate Responsibility
– Launched in 2007, the HACR Young Hispanic Corporate Achievers™ (YHCA) program
was developed as a way to recognize the outstanding achievements of young Hispanic
professionals in Corporate America and further the organization’s vision to increase the
number of Hispanics on corporate boards. The HACR YHCA program plays a pivotal
role in identifying and recognizing the best and brightest young executives.

o 2010 Region 5 Spirit of SHPE Award
– Inaugural recipient awarded for going above and beyond for not only the Dallas Fort
Worth chapter but the Region 5.
o 2006 Dorothy Amann Award
– Awarded to graduating seniors who provided significant assistance to staff members
within the Division of Student Affairs. Awarded for founding SHPE Southern Methodist

o 2007 Most Valuable Board Member, SHPE Dallas Fort Worth
o 2006 SHPE SMU Outstanding Board Member of the Year
o 2006 SHPE SMU Outstanding Female Upperclassman
o 2005 SHPE SMU Outstanding Female Upperclassman